Xml Mini MP3 Music Player 10 pack

Xml Mini MP3 Music Player 10 pack AS2

  • All players are very light only 6kb
  • Play unlimited Mp3 files(Artist Name,Album Name/Art).
  • Xml Driven
  • Xml change text color
  • Xml change Spectrum color
  • Xml set volume %
  • Xml when start Album Panel-show/hide
  • Xml when start Random Song-off/on
  • Xml when start Player Auto Start-off/on
  • Drag&Drop player
  • Player is all vector art,Spectrum is AS
  • Very easy to change more colors see help file
  • File included:

  • 10 Individual’s files for CS3 and flash 8
  • Preview (same file as submit on FD).
  • Html help file.(All code` is Interrupted in the As file`s)
  • Feel free to ask for any help.
  • Enjoy
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