Xml Mini Paypal MP3 Player - ActiveDen Item for Sale

Xml Mini Paypal MP3 Player, fully xml unlimited color setting
PayPal support all 23 countries with there on currency Album/Song price. (Brazilian users see not on the help file regarding your currency)
spectrum, Xml mixing 2 colors.
Object(Vectorr/text) on the player is fully colorize on the xml .
Drag & Drop the player into your stage work.

some more Xml

  • Auto Start yes/no .
  • Start Mini Player yes/no .
  • Start PayPal Up position or down position .
  • Scroll Speed .
  • Volume set = number .
  • External logo jpg/swf.
  • Logo Width/Height
  • Thumb Width/Height
  • Spectrum Flame Jump = number.
  • Spectrum Flame Strength = number.
  • Overall more then 40 Xml parameters
  • HTML help file + Preview same as AD include
  • Enjoy
    • Update 03/15/2010-Update PayPal issue, please downloads again