XML MP3 Player with cool features

XML Mp3 Player with cool features

Important Notice:

If you dont want to use it with autoplay, just add a comment to this page and send me an email from my page. I will send you the upgraded .as file…

1- Small SWF file. Only 48 kb.

2- This player simulates a real mp3 player.

3- All tracks are loaded externally via XML so you dont need to touch flash.

4- Supports unlimited tracks.

5- Equalizer animation and it responds start and stop events.

6- Seek circle. It’s a new type of seek bar which looks really awesome with a blue and orange lights.

7- Buffer bar. A visual representation to how much of the song has loaded.

8- Fully vector interface so the player can be resized to whatever size you wish.

9- Fully customizable interface and logo. You can create your own interface and put your logo in this player.

10- Pan controls. You can control the pan with this mp3 player as the popular mp3 players.

11- Drag and Drop. Everything is contained into one movie clip.

12- Fully commented Actionscript to try and help you understand what is happening.

13- Help file included

14- This player shows the current date and time on its screen.

Ready to use! Just copy and paste in your movie

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Do you give support to Flash Den buyers?

Yes, I give full support when a bug is reported.

If it’d happen, please write that bug as a comment to that file’s page and send me an email, then i ll contact you and send you the fixed file…

All of my files checked several times, all of my files also scanned with different anti virus softwares and usually i put different flash versions of the same file in the zip file… So you dont need to be worry…

If you need to adapt any application to your needs, you need to have knowledge in Flash and Action Script coding.

I usually put comments in my actionscript codes and also i usually put an instructions.txt in the zip file. You ll easily understand how to use my files. Please rate my files if you like them..

Thank you…

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