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Love it! It was easy to use! The only problem I had was when the list MC didn’t copy over! Other then that worked like a charm!

dufink Purchased


sorry for my bad school english. i have a problem with the integration of the player. i would like to put the “controls” (buttons, bar, time, volume …) into another _mc …

the controls are in _root.player. ... the list_mc is at _root. ...

i modify the script that the scrolling effect and also all other it works. now the problem is, i can select items from the list, but it doesn´t play the selected item… :o(

i hope you can help me, please. regards from germany

celu Purchased


I just bought the player. I hear poping sounds when I try to play my highbitrate 320 kbps mp3 files. Is this a known issue? is there a workaround?



an I make the default setting so it does not play when the page loads. i would like to have to press the play button to start the music rather than it start playing as soon as it loads.


Hello. Will this player work out of the box & installed on a web page, or does it have to be edited first inside Flash & exported?

Bought the player awhile ago and now the client wants to have it not autoplay. Is that an option? Thanks! – Wendy

Hi i buy this awesome Mp3 player, but i’m using long song names. looks bad. how i can fixed that? thanks.

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Can someone help me with the length of music titles? How can change their width?

Hello, after so long the link to the support no longer works. I am having trouble figuring out how to use the playlist and embed it on my blog. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi, is it possible to change the color or font of the playlist?

Hi—can someone please help me out here and tell me how to get this up and running? I have upped all the files, and understand how to add and delete tracks by way of the data.xml file. But I see no place where it gives me the code to use on my webpage where I wish to feature the player. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.