Plug-and-play XML MP3 player with high-tech visual design. Unique user controll options through both buttons and dragable user interface weels. You can rewind / fastforward, scroll through song list, and adjust volume with the wheels. Any parts of the player can be removed and added or adjusted as simple puzzle blocks.

File Features:

  • You can set a startpoint and endpoint in the XML data at which point to start and stop a track.
  • You can show or hide all the individual parts of the player with a simple component parameter. Set it to show “Progress bar”, “Time”, “Song list” and “Spectrum animation” as you see fit.
  • Besides clicking in the progress bar to change the point of playback, you can rewind and fastforward a track with buttons and set the spool back/forward speed with a simple parameter.
  • It’s possible to add/show a toggle button to “repeat” a track when completing or having the player “jump automatically to next song”
  • You have a choice from 12 different “Spectrum Animations” and the player has 12 small buttons around the player spectrum wheel so the viewer can change visual. You can also set the player to choose one of the 12 visuals at random for each new music loaded.
  • Predefine with 2 parameters wether to show artist and/or album name, for both list track and main album entries.
  • Scroll Song list instantly or gradually. Scroll list with scroll bar/buttons or automatically. When setting the scroll bar visual, it also allows mouse wheel to scroll up and down.
  • Every list item can have a unique link to a website page, including the list divider entries (which you can use to organize the list for “authors” or “albums”)
  • You can set an initial volume value between 0 and 1 for the player to start with.


Preview music tracks credits with special thanks to participation of the respective composers;

Check readme.htm documentation to view quick-start, component parameter options and starter tips.
Before asking support, check FAQ topics on the FORUM first.
Buyers contact by email or flashden contact page only for support!