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XML News Reader

XML News Reader

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A strong and stylish news Reader

Special Features:

  • Supports HTML TXT
  • Supports unlimited number of news items
  • Support unlimited length of news
  • supports unlimited length of news Title: Title will tween and move as a marquee to show its full text
  • easily customized via xml
  • Build and coded cleanly

XML customization:

  • backAlpha:  alpha(opaque)  of  items (news item, background of text..)
  • backColor: Color of news item, background of text, buttons
  • backColor2:  Color of items when rolled over them
  • txtColor: Color of text
  • txtColor2: color of text when rolled over
  • itemHeight: Height of news item
  • space: space between items
  • btnWidth: Width of button
  • btnsStyle:  Values( 1, 2, 3, 4)
    • value 1: both buttons(nxt and prev) to the left
    • vale 2: both buttons to the right
    • value 3: both buttons centered
    • valye 4: nxt to the right and prev to the left

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