Related File: AS3 Ticker with sound & Light

::: Last Update on 12.07.10 :::
Ticker file prepared in:
• Flash8
• CS3
• CS4
for each version you will find seperate source files.

::: Update on 26.06.08 :::
Ticker has updated with a html style Text, it means you can easily set a colour or an URL link on your Ticker Texts.
This is a Flash XML News Ticker.
You need just paste your Text or Texts in xml file, the Ticker shows all of them in a perfect Loop.
I’ve made this Ticker in two Version, the First One is like a LED Board and the second one is a simple Version.
- In LED Board version, you can change the speed and Background Light Manually on Board.
- Both of Tickers are a MovieClip, you can load them into your Flash Movie and position them in each Pixel of your movie.
- For each Ticker you will find the separate Fla source.
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