XML Notes / News List ( iPhone UI )

XML Notes List ( iPhone UI ) is an xml-based template ( 320×480 ) all data can be replaced from xml files, use note list, news, put rss feed data into the xml files. use large font, colours and add links inside the note body right from the xml file. This template can be used with any project or stand alone template.

Please check what kind of data you can edit form the xml file, see the fullscreen preview second, test the template all the way before purchasing.

And I would be happy to asset you all the way before and after the purchasing, just contact me through my profile page and your inquiry will be vanished.

What you can edit through XML :

  • note/news title
  • note/news description
  • note/news body ( each note has a stand alone xml file ) helps put the font weight and colour and links
  • add external links to each note ( up to 6 buttons )
  • name the buttons


  • One xml file contains all note data
  • Each note has a signal xml file that contains the note body ( helps keep your data clean )
  • Each note has external url button ( up to 6 buttons )

Featured File: XML iPhone Simulator Template