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Xml Particle Background

Xml Particle Background

Xml Particle Background base on pure AS ,give you the ability to make colorful backgrounds in any color you desire, with emphasize on all color spectrum available even offset colors was include
No Tween engine been use, smart low Cpu resource
Add background to your stage in any size Width/Height , MovieClip or integrate my code with your class, easy to use on strict OOP or drag and drop as MovieClip(option),stage resize support (option).
Fully xml control all you can think available on the xml
Small file max 4kb can be reduce to 3kb if its bugging someone (:

16 Xml parameters

  • ColorTransform/offset -Red, Green, Blue and Alpha, Value rang from -255 to 255 .
  • Switch Color In Second`s = number (on random) .
  • Main Color - Use 1 color if you want (no random) .
  • Blur amount = number .
  • Full Screen yes/no (stage resize support option);.
  • Random Color yes/no
  • Background Position X&Y = number
  • Particle Width/Height = number
  • Particle Pixel Amount = number.
  • Particle Speed X&Y - You can control on the speed of the X or Y Particle separately, You can make some very cool slow motion effect
  • HTML help file + Preview same as AD include,Extra files example
  • Enjoy
    • Update 06/22/2010-New Update, I add Xml option for practical slow mode ,so no more black on slow motion after 5 minutes (: