XML PORTFOLIO TEMPLATE 1 - ActiveDen Item for Sale

This is a very good looking portfolio template with cool sound effects and animation.

The contact form gets an error when submitted, in the preview file. It works fine in the original file.

The actionscript is well commented in the FLA file. The xml file is very simple to edit and use. Please see the xml file attached that how it supplies everything to the template.

You can change the following things in the xml file.
1. Background Sound – A path to your sound file.
2. Menu Button Texts & Page Headings
3. Pages Content – These can be simple html texts. You can put links, images, bold texts, italic texts, underlined texts, colorful texts, paragraphs, etc. For gallery there is not page content required, while for the contact page your require 2 of them. One for the textbox on the right hand side of the form and the other for the content box at the bottom.
4. Gallery Images – You can add as many image nodes as you want for the gallery. You supply 3 things for each image. First, the small image, Second, the big image and the third, the description. If you don’t give the description then no box is shown on the image’s bottom.
5. Mail Script Url – The url where your script for sending the mails lies. A mail script for sending mails in php is included.
6. You can change the e-mail to which the contact form’s data will be sent, in the “email.txt” file. Just use a single line.

For changing the background sound use the sound node.
For changing the Menu texts and headings use the “text” attribute supplied with all the four page nodes viz. about, exhibitions, gallery and contact.
For providing descriptions for about and exhibitions pages, just put the html inside the respective nodes. For contact page, use two additional nodes inside that node, named contacttext and description.