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XML Portfolio Template V3

XML Portfolio Template V3

XML Portfolio Template v3.7

This is my latest installment of my XML Portfolio Template. This version has a great deal of upgrades and added features. XML Portfolio Template v3 is a full Flash website completely managed by XML files that use modules to control content. You can easily use this project to make many different kinds of websites with small amounts of customization. Adding and changing your content is super easy..

Changes applied – version history:

  • Added Projects Module
  • Fixed slideshow bug
  • Added the ability to include links in XML text area to link to other sections within this Flash template. (highly requested feature).
  • Added a pause/play function to the slideshow module.
  • Fixed visual glitch in the video gallery.
  • Added the ability for each page to load its own background.
  • Added a new module – Video Gallery
  • Bug Fix – Long fade out on traditional gallery when set to “fade”
  • Bug Fix – SWF Modules in Scrolling Gallery corrected for interactivity.
  • Upgraded Scrolling Gallery to have large image displays
  • Upgraded Scrolling Gallery to have large video displays
  • Upgraded Traditional Gallery to have large video displays
  • Allow multiple animation configurations in config.xml
  • Ability to have the main & sub navigation open external links
  • Created a new module – MP3 Player Gallery
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in news module
  • Added thumbnails to background image selections
  • Improved documentation
  • Added a guide for creating multiple galleries
  • New video skin
  • Descriptions and preloader available for traditional gallery images
  • Preview images for videos in the Scrolling Gallery
  • Fixed glitch in animation transitions
  • Support for all Latin special characters for other languages
  • Fixed navigation positioning bug
  • Added functionality to Traditional Gallery
  • Scroll-wheel bug fix in Scrolling Gallery
  • Submenus added
  • Background music added (can toggle in config)
  • Navigation is fully configured using XML
  • Sub menus are easily created with XML
  • Basic configurations stored in a separate XML file
  • MP3 Gallery using XML
  • 2 different gallery modules included
  • News module
  • Staff module
  • Slideshow module
  • Ability to load in your own SWFs
  • Use your own hi-res background image(s)
  • Text modules
  • Load your own PNG logo
  • Fullscreen support
  • Great help file
  • Includes the main template PSD
  • Contains 3 sample background images
  • Easily add your own background music
  • Special character support
  • Also has PSD templates for the different image sizes being used
  • Contains the free font being used
  • Page is embedded in HTML, scaled to 100%

Template Specs

  • ActionScript 2
  • Flash 8
  • PHP contact form
  • All source files included of course

All FLAs and source code is included of course.