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XML Scrolling Gallery (by quickyboy)

XML Scrolling Gallery (by quickyboy)

Updated version. All mentioned bugs fixed.

What’s up guys? :)

Take a look at this one! This is the perfect photo gallery.

Hover over the menu on the right in the full screen preview to see the thumbnails!

Let me tell you what it can do and what are the advantages of buying this file:


  • XML externally driven. Externally loaded pictures, titles and descriptions.
  • On mouse move scroll with speed! That means as far as you go from the center it speeds up! That’s unique on FD. Every other galleries like this don’t include this.
  • Dynamic loaded thumbnails. Which means that you can load unlimited number of thumbnails. It doesn’t load all the thumbnails from the beginning. As you scroll down the thumbnails, it loads new ones! ;)
  • Title and description of each photo.
  • Smoothly animated content.
  • This gallery doesn’t distort your big pictures. It keeps proportions of every picture and resizes it depending on your screen resolution.
  • It can be used on any size! If you want to use it smaller (any dimension!), just resize the stage in the main.fla file, export it smaller and there you go! Put it on your site!
  • Full screen mode
  • Quiet sounds :)

Files included:

  • Documentation (help file)
  • FLA file
  • XML file
  • Useful psd file (for thumbnails)
  • Tween installer

Have fun using it! :)

Thank you for buying! You won’t regret it.

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