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Hi, as nice of a gallery as this file really is – I have tried to use this gallery with the XMLeditor on flashden but unfortunately it wont work with the XMLeditor

as far as I can see its because this gallery’s xml file loads the images and thumbnails (and description and title) as attributes to one node and not as separate (child)nodes,

if this can be fixed – great (separating to childnodes) if it cant be fixed – and you need to use the gallery with a “backend” – it might be a problem for you,

Hi, before I purchase your gallery, is it possible to add multiple galleries? Thanks :)

Hi, (forgive me, i’m relatively new to this).

When i open the SWF file independently this works fine. I can amend the XML or FLA file and the SWF displays with changes.

My problem is when I load it into my PHP within dreamweaver and try to preview it, it always displays the original version (ignoring both the XML and FLA design changes) despite making sure the new versions are in the local, testing and remote folders.

Am i missing some coding that is omitting this info in dreamweaver? I can only seem to get this module to work (with my changes) when I open the SWF directly in flash player.

if anyone could help…


Hi neighbor :) can this load swf files instead of photos?

preview is not working :(

Hey there-loving the gallery file but was wondering if it could be further customized? I sent you an e-mail with more specific inquiries.

Can other additional pages be added to this file? Such as an ‘About Me’ or ‘History’ section while still having the gallery remain the same?

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Hello…? Anybody

This preview hasn’t been working for a few months—any update?

Look at this list below: Top Gallery Where your gallery in this list ? ;)

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I would like the first image to load automatically when opening is there a simple code you can elaborate on. TY in advance