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Hello I purchased this module, how do I remove the “XML2 Scrolling Menu” from the flash? Is this done in the XML ? Also, can I set this up to have a height of 90 and width of 949 and still look good?

Great work !

jenjen Purchased

hey really liked your file. when i click the thumb i want a lightbox to appear. is this possible what do i do.


Hello, Does this have autoscrolling please? Can the reflection be edited at all? Are we able to control the zoom parameters and or scroll speed? Thanks. Looks good

Hello, Does this have an auto-scroll function? So when the page loads it begins to auto scroll without interaction from the user. Can the speed also be controlled? Thanks You

babyBloomer yes it is auto-scrolled, but you can not control the speed, because it depends from the number of images.

great file. I love the smooth way which it moves. And nice reflections too.

destinee Purchased

is there anyway to change the thumbnail size?

Can you tell me where in the ActionScript you can change the initial scale of the images? I would like them to load in a little larger at first. jarrathsweetten@yahoo.com.au

nedwards Purchased

Can anyone tell me how to change the link as when uploaded and you click on an image it goes to this sites home page.

nedwards Purchased

Thanks OTO

I am a newbie to flash and was having problems. (my fault not the file)

I emailed OTO with my questions and he responded quickly and was very helpful and patient. My file is now up and running and links open to target pages and in same window. Looks very cool.

Just wanted to to say thanks.


Thank you very much for you comment

tvkosova Purchased

Hi Oto_Oto,

I love this file , but i have trouble to remove the fram/bar in fla becouse i dont know how to oppen a fla files ,plz oto can you modify for me without bar and without arrowsjust black or better transparent . ....and i wont that url open to my frame in same window …for a demo plz visit my hp www.tvkosova.com to see as I imagine.

my e-mail: tvkosova@live.de

thank you i advance:-)

Cool job. I love it. Add to bookmarks. Keep it up! :inlove: