• XML driven showcase gallery.
  • Unlimited amount of images can be displayed.
  • Can also display swf files.
  • In the code you can change the thumbnails color, tween speeds, tween ease, etc.
  • In XML you can change the name of each thumbnail, the image paths, the image link, etc.
  • This is an AS3 file which will open in flash cs3.
  • Drag and drop on to your project.


  1. 22 June 2008
  • On notice of moonsand : resize bug fixed.
  • On notice of realwebdesigns : hand cursor added.
  • swf preview added.
  • 21 August 2008
    • On notice of tomster5 : changing thumbnail speed bug fixed.
    If you purchased the file before this date, please go to your downloads tab and download this file again to get the latest version.

    Help file and comments in the code included.

    Please, Keep in mind that this is my second file uploaded, so don’t hesitate to comment me on the userfriendly part.

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