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XML Slide Show - Customisable Alpha Transitions

XML Slide Show - Customisable Alpha Transitions

[UPDATE 10th October 2009]
Links can now be added to the slideshow through the XML file. You can add a URL link to open a new browser window, or as a click-through link.

The corner radius (in pixels) of the slideshow can now be set via XML. So you can create rounded corners.

XML Slide Show – An XML Alpha Transition Viewer with Customisable transitions

XML Slide Show displays images and SWF files. It transitions between slides using 9 different transitions – BlackFade, ColorFade, CurtainsBlend, LinearBlend, RadialBlend, Slide, SlideOver and Tile. Each transition can be controlled via XML – e.g duration, direction etc. The user can control the playback of the slide show using the buttons. The forward button starts the transition to the next slide. The back button reverses the last transition and returns to the previous slide. The pause/play buttons pause and restart the slide timer and transition.
Additionally the buttons also call custom functions on a loaded SWF file. These can be used to control any SWF files displayed in the slideshow. The functions called are stopClip(), playClip(), nextClip() and prevClip().

Note: The slides shown in this preview are set to display random transitions. Each slide can have its own custom transition, or display randomly. Which transitions are displayed randomly can also be precisely controlled. So you can just pick the ones you want. Transitions can also be paused or reversed.
Note: A border and/or drop shadow can be added to the slide show.


  • Reads from an XML file. No actionscript required, you don’t even need Flash.
  • Dimensions of the slideshow can be set through the XML file.
  • Can load JPEG , PNG , GIF images and SWF files.
  • URL links can be set for each slide through the XML file.
  • The corner radius (in pixels) of the slideshow can be set via XML.
  • One of Five different transitions can be set for each slide.
  • Slides can be set to display a random transition at runtime.
  • The duration of each transition can be set through the XML. Switches to a default duration if none set.
  • The display time of each slide (period between transitions) can be set via XML
  • Buttons can be used to control the transitions. Either using the actionscript buttons that come installed with the file, or by using custom buttons that are added to the FLA files library. Buttons are optional.
  • Multiple swf’s can be embedded in the same HTML document
  • The XML file the SWF reads from can be set via flashvars.
  • Drag and Drop movieclip supplied with fla file.
  • Comes with a preloader animation

Transition Options:

  • set duration time.

  • set duration time.
  • set color.

  • Set transition to blend horizontally or vertically.
  • set duration time.

  • Set transition to blend from any direction – top, right, bottom or left.
  • set duration time.

  • set duration time.

  • Set new image and old image to slide together from any direction – top, right, bottom or left.
  • set duration time.

  • Set new clip to slide over old clip from any direction – top, right, bottom or left.
  • set duration time.

  • Tile from any corner.
  • Set number of tiles per side.
  • set duration time.

Border Options:
  • Set border=’yes’ or border=’no’.
  • Set border thickness.
  • set border color.

Drop Shadow Options:
  • Set shadow=’yes’ or shadow=’no’.
  • Set shadow distance.
  • set shadow angle.
  • set shadow color.
  • set shadow opacity.
  • set shadow blurX.
  • set shadow blurY.
  • set shadow strength.
  • set shadow quality.

Comes with Fla file and Swf file