XML Spotlight Banner: XML-Based Image/SWF Rotator

XML Spotlight Banner is a great tool for displaying all types of media to your website viewers. XML Spotlight Banner is an XML-based image rotator/swf rotator with a sleek and modern design that will look great on any website.

Notice: Forgot to send the compressed example slides so they may not load immediately

XML Spotlight Banner includes these great features:
  • Easy to update XML file
  • Simple system for customizing the look and feel of the banner
  • Detailed help file
  • Ability to add as many slides as you want
  • Innovative slide indicator tells the viewer what slide they’re on
  • Accepts .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, and .SWF file formats
  • Control the source path for each banner graphic/swf file directly from the XML file
  • Ability to apply a link (or not) for each slide from the XML file
  • Tell the link to open a new window or the same window from the XML file
  • Control the time delay for each slide from the XML file
  • Customize banner size, button size, button spacing, button color, button alpha, and button positioning within seconds from the .FLA file
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