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last update: 2008-07-14 – see Changelog

Pure actionscript 3.0 text/logo back light effect with xml based configuration.

Not only a text effect but can also work with any static content: logo’s, images, movieclips

You can use external xml file or pass config when creating the effect.
Use it “AS-IS” or embed it in your own project.
Works with both embedded or non embedded fonts, you can use any:

  • font
  • size
  • color gradient
  • glow type (full,fade,none)
  • light intensity
  • transition duration
  • loop mode
You can define multiple transition, each one with its own settings and multiple text lines.

Other features:
  • Autodetect embedded fonts and use them
  • Include color gradients presets
  • Include SWFS that you can use even without FLASH IDE at all


If you use uncommon fonts you should always embed them.

However, even with standard fonts, flash player 9 will have less quality (no antialias) you don’t embed.
Glow helps, but you will always notice the difference.

This issue is solved with flash player 10: as long as user has the font, there are no quality differences between embedded and non-embedded fonts


  • New “noloop” global option: self destruct after last transition
  • Now works also with static movieclips (logo, images, etc)
  • handles hyperlinks

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