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Just a good looking vertical menu. :)

I have updated the file using two methods to make the menu button selected. When any button is clicked the selection does not go away and the button remains selected when the page is refreshed. I have the updated examples for both via simple HTML and via PHP. Please send me an e-mail to get these files.

Please send me an e-mail for a flash 8 version.

1. All the allowable settings controlled via xml. So easy to customize.
2. Put as many buttons as you want.
3. Change the color of the buttons easily.
4. Automatic scrolling if height becomes more than the assigned.
5. Clicked button remains selected.
6. Open links on the button clicks in the targeted window or frame.
7. Any button can be made selected by default from the xml file.
8. Control the settings both from action script and via xml. The settings given from xml file are preferred.
9. Action script is well-commented.

Editable setting attributes via xml file:
1. speed – the speed with which the animation should be done – greater the speed, slower the animation
2. shinespeed – the speed with the shining should go from left to right – greater the speed, faster the animation
3. buttonwidth – the width of the button
4. buttonheight – the height of each button
5. trianglecount – number of triangles to make when mouse moves over a button
6. trianglespace – space for the triangles from the left
7. gap – vertical gap between each button
8. menuheight – height of the menu… if menu height becomes higher than this height… then automatic scrolling is done
9. attachbutton – the button name from the library which should be attached with the menu.
10. attachtriangle – the triangle name from the library which should be attached

Attributes for each button:
1. text – text of the button
2. selected – set if this is the button selected by default.
3. link – Link to open on the button click.
4. target – Target frame or window in which the link page should open.

If you don’t specify the link and target button then no link is opened. You can modify the “btn.onPress” function in the action script of the “menu” symbol to suit your purpose.

I have attached the preview files too for any further reference.




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