It is a super zone map. You can use it everywhere: face book, site, like personal map with marks, etc.

It provides:

  • 1) you can set your zones on the map:
  • a. set for each zone its color
  • b. add images
  • c. add links to the articles and galleries
  • d. add description (html formatted)
  • 2) find location
  • a. get latitude and longitude
  • b. country code
  • c. address
  • 3) find direction from point A to point B
  • a. get full path description
  • b. to copy path to clipboard, so you can easily set it into any text redactor
  • 4) find distance
  • a. to draw the distance on the map just clicking on it

It is easy to customize. NO CODE MODIFICATIONS needed. Just set your API key and data for zones.

(PS. for now flex version is available ONLY for persons who has already working API key for ActionScript, but I’m working on to make it available for everyone)