YAP - Shiny Flash XML Portfolio/Gallery

A shiny flash website template powered with xml. Add slides/pages by editing a simple xml file.

Slides can be configured with the following:

  • Page title (Title of main menu link )
  • Page type : (based on the content you want to load – see below)
  • ...and of course the page content

Page type can be any of the following :
  • Text/html content
  • External jpeg or swf content
  • XML powered image galleries with image paths and titles for each image (with pagination)
  • Contact form with validations and PHP error messages : Same as here

The Gallery page type uses an XML of its own to load image data – you can specify image title and path. Use as many galleries as you want!

This uses the Fuse framework : www.mosessupposes.com/Fuse
You will need to install it first – don’t worry its pretty simple

Web Templates and Galleries

Utilities and Misc