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Yin Yang preloaders

Yin Yang preloaders

  • 3D animation is included as well, wait a little to see it!
  • Hover/click to see them on different backgrounds.

1. Introduction

Inspired by the well known chinese symbol, this little animated object will serve you and your visitors well. It’s fun to look at, and you get a 3D version in the pack too! Which was freshly created with maya and rendered straigth to vector swf to keep the file size as low as 25kb! The 2D version is even smaller with it’s 3.4kb. And that includes support for the smooth rotation, mouse following and pulsating. In whatever combination you like it, you will get it.

Hover and click to see it on some gradients! ;)

2. Features

  • Infinite looping animation!
  • Customizable look and feel, rotation speed, spin acceleration, etc
  • Easy copy paste method
  • Vector 3D and 2D of course (25kb and 3.4kb)
  • The 2D is enhanced by flash filters, at the core it’s B&W
  • Well commented script, detailed documentation, full english and hungarian support

3. Can be useful for

  • Everywhere when a small but good looking preloader is needed

4. Customization capabilities

  • You can change the looks with flash built-in filters (that’s how different the first 2 examples from the next few)
  • Besides the 3 main feautes: smooth rotation, mouse following, pulsating, there are other things you can control:
  • At how much % should it start slowing down when smooth rotating
  • The speed of rotation
  • Spin acceleration speed
  • Scaling speed when pulsating

The rest of the description can be found in the documentation!

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