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YouTube Player AS3

YouTube Player AS3

UPDATE : A few days ago YouTube has made some changes to the API . I made some changes and the player is updated now. Please download the updated files.

A YouTube player made with ActionScript 3.0 that can be easily used as a header for a blog or a website.

  • xml based
  • volume control (with cookies)
  • preview track and next track buttons
  • full screen mode
  • progress bar
  • loading bar
  • time (the current and total time)
You can change the playlist from the HTML embedding code.
In the XML file you have 4 variables that you can change:
  • autoplay = true or false
  • controls_always_on = true or false (if it’s true, the controls will not fade out from the stage when you mouse out)
  • controls_fade_out_time = number of seconds until fade out when you don’t move the mouse
  • volume_cookie_on = true or false (If set to false, the sound volume level will be the default volume on every visit. If set to true, the sound volume level will be the same as the one from the last visit)

Use the player.destroy() function before unloading this player from a Flash project.