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YouTube Playlist Reader

YouTube Playlist Reader

UPDATE : A few days ago YouTube has made some changes to the API . I made some changes and the player is updated now. Please download the updated files.

This player will read a playlist created on YouTube and will play the videos in a custom player with a custom list. There are a lot of parameters to customize the player without touching Flash.

The HTML parameters are:
  • playlist = the YouTube playlist ID
  • player_x = video screen location on the X axes
  • player_y = video screen location on the Y axes
  • player_width = video screen width (in pixels)
  • player_height = video screen height (in pixels)
  • controls_fade_time = controls fade out time (in seconds).
  • controls_width = controls bar width (in pixels)
  • autoplay = true or false
  • play_random = can be set to true or false in case you want the videos to randomly play
  • use_volume_cookie = true if you want to remember the volume value for the next visit, false if not.
  • hd_quality = can be set to: small, medium, large, hd720, hd1080
  • list_item_color = hexadecimal color for the list items
  • list_selected_item_color = hexadecimal color for the playing list item
  • list_x = list location on the X axes
  • list_y = list location on the Y axes
  • list_width = list width (in pixels)
  • list_height = list height (in pixels)

If you have any features you’d like to have in this player, please send me a message through my profile and I’ll try to update this player with you suggestions.