The zoomMeister is a simplified image zoomer. You click your mouse to zoom in, and you click again to zoom out. You can look around with your mouse.

The whole principle of an image zoomer, is to zoom in an image. Therefore, you should use an image twice as large as the resolution of your zoomer!(1180×600 is used in the example)

How it works?

When booted, the imagezoomer shows the image at half the scale(590×300 in this case) When clicked, the zoommeister zooms to a full 100% view, so you can view it fully.

Why the zoomMeister?

Most image zoomers are way to complex to just show an image with ease, thats why I started the zoommeister. You just use your left mouse button to zoom in, and zoom out!

I have created a folder, with different sizes of the image zoomer, because you might need these if you do not own Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4. In this way, there is always a resolution that fits your needs!


Click with your left mouse button to zoom in, click again to zoom out. When zoomed in, you can use your mouse to view your image.


You use the XML file to edit the zoommeister to your needs, there are 4 settings:

imagePath – you have to edit this to your image file location

stageWidth – edit this to your current stage width(this should be set preset, but make sure you edit it if you change the stage width in flash)

stageHeight – this is basicly the same as stageWidth

zoomRate – this is the speed that the zoommeister will zoom in to, it is in seconds(0.5 by default)

I hope you have a great time with this simple but effective image zoomer!