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Z-Runner Endless Game Starter Kit for Unity3D

Z-Runner Endless Game Starter Kit for Unity3D

Frequently Asked Questions

WebPlayer Demo:


one of my buyers don’t like the way I play the Z sounds and I do an update for you all. please use this too when you purchase the item, if you wish to play the Z sound when the Zombies is near you. (Maybe The better way)

for using this update please overwrite this cs file into your project. Update v0.1: ZombieAudioManager.cs, I am available for more customizations.


You are a man running on the jungle and you need to avoid the Z(Zombies), move left or right to avoid Z(s) and the Jungle Trees.


  • This package contain full Unity3D Project Files and Sourcecode in C#
  • We have a class to generate the platforms (ground) this component allow you to easily change the ground mesh without any coding, you just need to change the prefabs for changing the grounds, it called Infinite Terrain.

  • For changing or editing the game models no programming is required and you can change anything easily.
  • Jump feature is also available in game core.
  • You can change the number of zombies, trees or other generated items.
  • The generator use UNIQUE name for spawning items so you can use two or more same components for generatig the zombies or trees at the same time.

  • The game is endless or infinite
  • The new idea for generating scene FOG for mobile system this can cost less Memory and CPU.
  • Easy to add other Creatures than Z for gameplay.
  • Highscore system is also available
  • Mainmenu, Gameover and HUD codes are also available.
  • Auto Screen Orientation feature is also worked fine
  • The Game has sound too and you can customize the sounds very well

Game Play and Controls:

For playing the game tap the screen to start play.

in game mode when you tap of the half left side of the screen you go left and if you tap on the right half you go right, the is about avoiding the Z(s) and escape more distance, the game also has the jump state in core but never be used in this game play. you can implement your ideas with this too.

Hope You Enjoy!